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Keeping an ordered collection in PostgreSQL
August 10, 2016

I’m hitting an issue I’m quite sure a thousand developers encountered before me: how to keep an ordered collection in an SQL database.

Keeping an ordered collection seems trivial at first, but can soon become quite complicated.

Lets summarize: what we have is a table A, referencing a table B via a foreign key, and we want to keep the B rows belonging to A sorted.

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Introducing backy, PostgreSQL background jobs for elixir
August 9, 2016
elixir postgresql

I have been using backy for a while now, a small background job library I’ve written for elixir.

While it is not used in production yet, I had it working well in testing and staging.

There are still issues to be addressed before using it in production, but so far I’m quite happy with how it works.

Update: I’ve been using backy for 1 year in production now, and it worked well.

Safari performance problem with absolute positioning
August 8, 2016
safari webkit performance

While working on a React project, I noticed abyssal performances on Safari only.

It took me some time to figure out, but the culprit was the use of absolute positioning.

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File upload on android for JavaScript app
August 4, 2016
javascript android react

Disclaimer: I had to implement this solution because of some imperatives (coder life…), but this is not good programming practice. Hopefully Android 5 will let us do it properly.

I have a web application that shares the code on desktop, iOS and Android.

Everything works fine, except that Android does not support <input type="file"> in WebView out of the box. While iOS will happily show an image picker if the accept attributes is set to image types, Android’s WebView will just do nothing.

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